Monday, October 27, 2014

SIBS raise outstanding amount of money in annual food drive

Juliana Discher I Staff Writer

Mason students served up a heaping portion of help through the SIBS club’s annual food drive held from October 20 through October 24.

According to SIBS advisor Jeff Schlaeger, the amount of money raised this year is phenomenal compared to last.

“This year we raised $12,734.43,” Schlaeger said. “We surpassed last year’s total of $10,000 big time.”

There were several reasons for the overwhelming success this year, said Schlaeger.

“The success can be accounted for really good project management,” Schlaeger said. “The credit is due to the SIBS and teachers. We have 113 SIBS and they each got assigned a second bell for the entire week. They owned their class: they pumped them up, inspired them, and gave them an incentive to raise the most money possible. We also had emcees who advertised in a goofy way at lunch.”

According to Schlaeger, the money raised goes directly towards the Mason Food Pantry.

“For every 14 cents the Mason Food Pantry gets, they can buy $1 worth of wholesale food,” Schlaeger said. “Then people in the greater Warren County area are able to get that food. Last year’s total allowed a walk-in fridge to be installed, in addition to all the food purchased with the money.”

Along with student and teacher donations, Schlaeger said that the James Horning Memorial Scholarship donated $1,500.

This year since Mason High School met their goal, social studies teacher Vance Reid and science teacher Cody Kreager volunteered to dye their hair pink. Schlaeger said this incentive helped to motivate some students.

“Throwing in a little gag helps raise money — last year it was me becoming bald,” Schlaeger said. “It’s not the sole reason why people donate, but it adds.”

Overall, Schlaeger said the most rewarding part of the week is witnessing the community unite for a common goal.

“I just love the week, as tiring as it is,” Schlaeger said. “I was in near tears on Friday. It’s so invigorating and inspiring to see the school community come together and say ‘Okay, this is a cause and we’re doing this, not because someone’s hair is going to be dyed a certain color, but because people need something and we as a community need to step up and provide.’”

Mr. Kreager and Mr. Reid pose with their newly dyed pink hair.
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