Saturday, May 30, 2015

Band hosts rummage for the roses to fund Rose Bowl trip

Juliana Discher | Staff Writer

The Mason Marching Band and Color Guard gathered up a mishmash of clothes, furniture, and toys for a rummage sale on May 30, in the Mason Intermediate 5/6 cafeteria.

According to co-chair of the Pasadena fundraisers, Denise Johnson, proceeds of this event and others are going to the 2016 Rose Bowl where the Mason Marching Band will be performing.

“We’re having other fundraisers (throughout the year),” Johnson said. “We have Pennies for Pasadena–containers in businesses and restaurants in Mason where (people) put their spare change. We did Postcards for Pasadena where the kids sent postcards to family members and friends asking for donations. Those are the other two main fundraisers.”

Johnson said that raising this money is crucial to be able to include all members during the Rose Bowl performance.

“There are 329 band members, including the guard,” Johnson said. “It’s between $2,200 and $2,500 for each kid to go. We don’t want anyone to get left out because of money reasons. So we’re doing everything we can to cut that cost.”

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Shoutout to the Class of 2015

Sam Hodge, The Ohio State University... Having you as our Student Body President this year has been an absolute honor. You exude not only confidence, but compassion as a leader. I admire the way you led OASC events, CBM's, and just in general. Your faith has been very inspirational to me. Thanks for praying for me when I had mono and organizing for cupcakes to be made in my honor. Hopefully, we run into each other at OSU in a couple years. ;) GO BUCKS!
Sheila Raghavendran, Indiana University...The Chronicle couldn't have had a better editor-in-chief this year. You were calm, cool, and collected while working, but your playful side always showed through. I felt like I could be my true self around you. Thank you for brightening our days with your shrieks of laughter. Indiana University better get ready because there is one heck of a journalist/actor/editor/The Office and Parks & Rec addict/Lady Gaga lover/overall great person coming.
Kusha Ansari, The Ohio State University...Everyone you meet is instantly enticed by your charming persona. You put your heart into everything you do, and that's A LOT. StuGo, band, soccer...the list goes on and on. I have greatly enjoyed joking around with you in both StuGo and on the soccer field. (Back-to-back SAY Champs, let's go!!) Best of luck with your future endeavors, and please stay in touch.
Sonia Rayka, Penn State University...At the beginning of the year, I was curious if this bright, bubbly girl was truly as happy as she seemed. What I've come to find out is that you're even brighter and bubblier. You radiate positivity. I love that you appreciate the little things in life. Mason High School is better because of the kindness you bestowed upon it. Please never lose your light and continue to brighten people's lives at Penn.
Keerthi Reddy, The Ohio State University....Getting to know you this year has been a true pleasure. You were a standout as Spirit Committee chair and never failed to put forth your best effort in Student Government. I loved being silly with you and the fact we were able to be very honest around each other. Thanks for the laughs. Oh and also, don't forget that you still owe me for helping with your duct tape boat!! ;)
Rashika Jaipuriar, Syracuse University...I was only given the privilege of getting to know you for half a year, but in that time I could definitely feel a connection being made. I could always count on you as an editor to bring my stories to the next level. I loved seeing your sparkling smile and hearing your wise words. Have fun at Syracuse.

Elise Discher, The Ohio State University...Last but not least, my dear sister. We've been together for sixteen years, so the idea of us parting ways makes me feel uncomfortable and sad. But I know you will do great things at OSU. You've grown and matured a lot these past four years. From volunteering at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, to serving as an exec on SIBS board, you've made your mark at MHS.  Please visit home more often than Luke does. Love you.
I can't begin to give you all enough praise through this single blog post. I'm completely confident that you all will wow the world with your leadership, kindness, and intelligence. Thank you for serving as role models for me and others. Please stay in touch and I love you all very much. 😊

Monday, May 18, 2015

AP students make a splash with cardboard boat regatta

Students enrolled in AP Physics and AP Calculus competed in a cardboard boat regatta as their final project of the year. The students had to construct boats solely out of cardboard and duct tape. The boats had to support two people, and students raced them in the Mason Community Center pool on May 18.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Cyber Stalking

Social media creeping has dangerous potential
Juliana Discher | Staff Writer

Stalking is all fun and games until you accidentally hit the ‘like’ button.

There is a new image being associated with the term ‘stalker’ now-a-days. No longer is it a person in a trench coat, clutching binoculars, peering into your window, but rather a person huddled behind a phone screen, scrolling through your daily life.

Creeping or stalking online occurs when a person views someone else’s social media page for an extended period of time. In a study conducted by the National Center for Cyberstalking Research, 70 percent of stalking victims know the person stalking them.  While some may not admit to the act, junior Kim Lyon said she feels online creeping is a rampantly occurring event in the high school age range.

“It’s so common,” Lyon said. “The thing is that most people don’t start out with the mission of stalking, but you click on someone’s picture, and then you click on the likes, and then you click on a page, and then you click on someone tagged in a picture. Next thing you know, you’re creeping on someone in Australia.”

While stalking can be innocent and lighthearted, sometimes things can turn for the worse, according to Lyon.

“One of my friends was in an online chat-room and was talking to someone and became Internet friends with them,” Lyon said. “She let them come into her social media, and eventually she started getting notes from this person outside her house. He would mail her gifts. She used to run in the park and she would see him standing by the playground sometimes.”

At a certain point, Lyon said that there is a line to draw between casual creeping and harassment stalking.

“It’s okay if you go onto social media with the intent of finding out more about someone, but when it turns into constantly watching a person through your computer screen, I think it’s no different than watching someone through their window screen,” Lyon said. “Just as if hiding behind trees and watching someone live their life is stalking, so is hiding behind a username and watching someone’s social life. It’s when this cycle repeats with a stranger that the line between casual stalking and Internet creeping becomes apparent.”

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