Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mac Attack

Juliana Discher

The Mac attack is upon us and I have yet to conquer the beast.

A few weeks have gone by since the sleek, white computers of the future made their entrance to room C103.

While the jumbo sized monitors and high tech programs are going to infinitely improve our quality of work, at the moment I am struggling on how to function these machines. By function, I mean just yesterday I just learned how to copy and paste.

I've never been an Apple person--being the outcast of my friends for not owning an iPhone, so the system is foreign to me.

As a result of these new Mac computers, I'm constantly pestering my peers for help on how to print, how to open a new tab, etc.

I'm still a long ways away from considering myself a Mac person, but I know soon these computers will be the Apple of my eye.

The Chronicle room with the new Mac computers

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