Monday, December 12, 2016

Why should you apply for The Chronicle?

1. You’ll look forward to fifth bell every day

2. Journalism Camp

In the summertime, the staff goes to a week-long journalism camp. Last summer we attended Indiana University High School Journalism Institute. It’s a great way to learn from the best and get to know the other members on staff. Plus, it's fun to explore a college campus.

3. You can cover what you want.

You decide if you want to write sports, news, feature, or opinion. You don’t have to just to stick to one.

4. Chronding

Hands down, some of the best memories of your high school career will be from Chronicle bonding, or chronding. We’ve done things like Salsa on the Square in Downtown Cincinnati, ice-skating, and canoeing.

5. Avoid the chaos of the cafeteria

Most Chronicle members stay in C103 and eat lunch. It’s a nice and calm setting to eat, plus we have a microwave. #soup

6. It's amazing to see your name in print

7. Mr. Conner

Our adviser, Mr. Conner, is an amazing teacher and person. It’s nice to have a teacher you can count on throughout your high school career.

8. The traditions

Some of the best traditions include:
  • Secret Santa
  • Candy Drawer: After Halloween, we all bring in candy and put in a drawer that you’re allowed to access throughout class. We try to get it to last until Thanksgiving, but it’s always a struggle.
  • Food Friday: Every Distribution Day, we get food ordered from somewhere like Chipotle, Olive Garden, or Papa John’s.
  • Sundae Thursday: We’ll bring in ice cream sundae supplies and pig out.

9. You’ll still having time for extracurricular activities and sports

Since this is a class during school, you have time to do your work. All Chronicle members are super involved outside of school, but still have time to get it done.

10. Allow someone's story to be heard

It’s great to be able to shed light on an issue or allow somebody to get their name and quotes in print.

11. The power of the press pass

Not only are our press passes super legit, but when you’re covering a game or school event, you can get in for free.

12. You're not in the typical classroom setting

13. Grade and age don’t matter

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors all work closely together without issues.

14. Chron Family

These are the people you can count on to cheer you up when you have a bad day. We have too many inside jokes to count. Like Arnav being a dinosaur and Luke being a low achiever. Our GroupMe chat can get out of control—in a good way.

15. Improve your writing abilities

16. Independence

Coming up with story ideas and visuals is on you. It’s good practice for the real world.

17. Distribution Day is marvelous

There is Food Friday, getting to see people’s reactions to the paper, and the monthly PowerPoint where every Chronicle member gets assigned from a certain theme, for example, celebrity look-alike.

18. Cool spirit wear

19. High quality technology

Macs, Canon cameras, Adobe programs all at your fingertips.

20. Get out of your comfort zone 

You'll be challenged with strict deadlines. Talking to people you don’t know can be uncomfortable sometimes, but the more you do it though, the better you can handle it.

21. Chronsgiving

Before Thanksgiving break, we have a full on feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, and the works.

22. Practice running a professional social media account

Running the Chronicle Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is great practice and forces you to be creative and pay attention to what your audience likes.

23. The skills you learn help in a variety of careers, not just journalism

A lot of the people on staff might not necessarily major in journalism in college, and that’s okay. The people skills and writing skills you gain are still very valuable and applicable.

24. Tweet-to-the-Editor

 It’s always fun to read your peers’ replies to the Tweets.

25.There are several positions available: staff writer, business/marketing manager, photographer, graphic designer

View the Application here:

OR pick up a hard copy outside of C103