Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Daycationers

I have always wanted to take Integrated Media Internship as a class in high school. IMI is a course that teaches video production and editing with a focus on news broadcast. Senior year, I finally carved out room in my schedule to take it.

"The Daycationers" is a video my team produced. Shelby Anton and I were the reporters. Alex Barnett and Jordan Tavernier filmed and edited the video. I'm proud of how this video turned out! Although it didn't go on the MBC broadcast or MBC 2.0, it's featured on the "Our Latest Video" sidebar on The CSPN.

I look forward to future videos I will be a part of. I aspire to have a story on the MBC broadcast this year. Maybe I'll even create a recurring MBC 2.0 segment. My gears are churning on what my next story will be.