Sunday, July 26, 2015

OU, Oh Yeah

The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism became my home for three and a half days.

The Chronicle newspaper staff had the privilege of attending Ohio University's High School Journalism Workshop from July 15-18. In previous years, our staff attended Indiana University's Journalism Camp, but this year we decided to mix things up a little.

One aspect of the camp that I found interesting was broadcast journalism. The Chronicle is separate from MBC, Mason Broadcasting Crew, so I don't have much experience with video journalism. I liked getting the opportunity to make my own story package.

The key note speaker of the camp was Mary Beth Tinker. Tinker is a free speech activist who is well known for her involvement in the Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines. During the Vietnam War, Tinker and her some of her schoolmates wore black armbands to protest the fighting. She was suspended, and since then has become a defendant of the First Amendment. I loved getting the opportunity to speak with her one on one.

Barbara Perenic, Columbus Dispatch photographer, gave us some pointers on how to enhance our photography abilities. My greatest takeaways were that shots need to be clean and close, never be afraid to move around and climb on things to get better angles, and probability is your friend.

Overall, my favorite part of the workshop was bonding with The Chronicle staff. I bettered my relationships with those I knew prior and got to know the newbies. I had a fun couple of days and look forward to the impending school year.
Mary Beth Tinker
Chron Selfie
My partners for the story package assignment;
 Jade Colon and Destiny Gooslin
Rufus the Bobcat
Matt knew his First Amendment rights
My mentor, Josh

From the Instagram of the FiveFootPhotog--Barbara Perenic

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