Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Athletes get first taste of high school soccer in Youth Soccer Camp

Juliana Discher I Staff Writer
High school soccer coaches and camp leaders Paul Reedy and Andy Schur are shooting for adolescents to get involved in their annual Youth Soccer Camp.

The camp is being held from June 1-June 4 at the MHS multipurpose turf field. It’s open to both boys and girls in grades five through eight.

According to Schur, the goal of this camp is to expose the youth to life as a high school soccer player
“We just like to spread the good word about Mason soccer and involve the kids that will hopefully one day become Mason players,” Schur said. “We hope it’s a nice transition piece for the young kids coming through.”

Schur said they initially focus on teaching the basics of soccer.

“We try to put them through typical high school training sessions,” Schur said. “We teach the typical soccer fundamentals: passing, dribbling shooting. More than anything we want them to have fun.”

According to camp volunteer and varsity soccer player, Annie Metzger, it has been a positive experience to help out the younger kids.

“I was looking forward to this camp because I had done it all growing up,” Metzger said. “I was very happy when (Coach Schur) asked me. We’ve had to demo some stuff, set drills up, and lead them. I feel like they’re starting to look up to some of us.”

Metzger said she would recommend this camp to all youth players, based on the wisdom gained.

“It’s a great opportunity because Coach Schur is an awesome coach,” Metzger said. “I think all kids thinking about playing high school soccer should participate.”

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