Friday, March 27, 2015

Joining the Madness

On a scale of sports savviness from Sheila Raghavendran to Eric Miller, I lean more towards the Sheila side.

Typically in March, I ignore the constant chatter that accompanies March Madness. The talk of seeds and upsets is a foreign language to me. The only Sweet Sixteen I've ever cared about is a friend's birthday party.  The only Cinderella I know is the Disney princess. I don't even recall ever filling out a bracket.

Although I don't get an adrenaline rush from watching men run back and forth, bouncing an orange sphere, this year I've begun to appreciate something different about the games.

Upon watching the Georgia State vs Xavier game this past Saturday, I was enlightened with the tale of how Georgia State coach, Ron Hunter, tore his achilles heel while celebrating his team's victory. Hunter gets extremely excited during games. I found the story to be humorous and sweet that the coach was so passionate. Suddenly, I found myself actually paying attention to the game and rooting for Georgia State.

Watch a video of the Georgia State Coach falling when his son shoots a three pointer

Another story that caught my attention was dubbed "Crying Piccolo Girl". A girl from the Villanova band was caught crying  on live TV after her school suffered a tough loss, 71-68.

This story was hilarious to me. How can you even cry and play the piccolo at the same time? This girl has some real talent. I also found it nice that this girl was so dedicated to her school that she felt emotional enough to cry after they lost. 

While I don't find March Madness basketball games to be the most exciting things in the world, I enjoy the stories behind the games. I find it intriguing to hear personal stuff about the coaches, the players, the fans. I love seeing the passion that other people have for the game, even if I don't feel the same way.