Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mason TechOlympics participants earn second place at competition

Juliana Discher I Staff Writer

Mason TechOlympics participants sure knew the “code” to success.

The 2015 TechOlympics were held February 20-22 at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. This expo taught Mason students about topics in technology including healthcare, IT, business intelligence, and coding. Representatives from startup companies and big businesses attended to reach out and give advice to aspiring students. The participants competed against other schools in programming, network, and digital design. The goal of this expo was to encourage students to pursue their passions in technology.

The Mason participants, led by computer teacher, Greg Kummer, were: Raga Maddela, Lizzy Kong, Amy Huang, Alexander Shearer, Nick Rook, Charlie Yu, Andrew Rosin, Zach Rudy, Asa Maine, Noah Marsteller, Daniel Eichler, Sai Madichetty, Jake Belcastro, Paraj Arora, Vivek Vattyam, Amith Rao, Sreeram Venkatarao, Jeet Srivastava, Tyler Hilbert, Brennan Hoeting, Ben Rasmussen , Matthew Gibbs, Jake Frankel, Andy Trenaman, Ajay Patnaik, Clayton Lewis, Andrew Gao, Alexander Chung, Matthew Lucy, Evan Shearer, Kusha Ansari, Dariah Ansari, Sam Coyle, Michael Crawshaw, Ria Datla, and Sydney Braine.

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