Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dear Madison,

Dear Madison,

I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your letter and all of the...interesting details. Since Peyton might have been a little mortified after having his blunders exposed to the cyber world, I figure I should should level the playing field by exposing some of my own embarrassing childhood moments.

I have also only broken one bone in my life. Since I come from a background of playing soccer and other physical activities one might figure I broke it then...nope. I tripped over a scooter and fractured the growth plate in my foot. When people at school asked why I had a bulky blue cast on my leg I lied and said I fell out of a tree trying to save a cat. (This was in third grade FYI)

You mentioned that you and Peyton liked to play Sharkboy and Lavagirl. I did have a similar shark themed nickname--Jaws. This was due to the crooked, overbite teeth that filled my mouth. (Thankfully braces exist so this nickname is no longer applicable. My parents says this was the best return on an investment they've ever made)

Another moment that still makes my family chuckle happened to me in first grade when we lived in Arkansas. We were touring an abandoned hotel and it was covered in a plethora of graffiti. Since I loved to read and learn I began to study the words spray painted on the walls.

"Daddy, what does F*** mean?"

It was a simple question for a curious 7 year old so I was surprised when my parents and older siblings began laughing hysterically. Of course my dad teased me about it after by asking me what word was written on the wall--just to hear me say the f word again.

These are just a couple of funny incidents that happened to me, but I hope they made you and Peyton laugh. I look forward to the fun times ahead for me and Peyton. I'm also glad that he has a very cool older sister who I can be myself around. :)

-Juliana Discher

IN RESPONSE TO: Dear Juliana,